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the Antisdel studio family stories...

sana and todd antisdel are the owners of antisdels photography in louisburg kansas. sana is the photographer and graphic artist. todd takes care of everything else!

micala antisdel works in sales and as the best childrens shoot assistant. sari antisdel helps in graphic design.

cheryl is our framer, college helper annie and twins hannah and lauren are summertime photographer assistants. twins arden and alaire antisdel are the studio mascots!

the studio started in 1994 after todd and sana had spent years in the home furnishings business, art world, arabian horses, raising family and letting God be Lord of all that living!

sana has won lots of national photography awards and been published internationally in magazine and video publications. sana and family have also taught and shared her vision of photography all over the u.s.

today, they simply love photographing you and creating memories of life.

here are a few snapshots of their world this year and those they love.

p.s. baby Jett is one year old!

sana boating at tablerock lake.

sana and todd vintage pic-the homecoming queen and the football star.

sana and todd-new off road adventures!

learning about loving horses...

big cedar summer vacation, family, pink motorcycles, jumping off things and being water junkies!

sari and micala, the twins and baby bump on vacation at top of the rock!

royals world series champs.

fun day in k.c!

alaire and arden antisdel  at their one year birthday!

todd and sana love music and concerts and friends and selfies and hot summer nights... and holding sleeping babies!

to be continued...

cute little minions for halloween!